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SPG developed the "SPG Codes of Ethics and Integrity " based on our highest moral standards to ensure that all of our activities are in line with global universal values, applying to the highest standards of integrity for all activities around the world. SPG Codes of Ethics and Integrity include the following:

  1. Code of Ethics

  2. Editorial Code of Conduct

  3. Third Party Code of Conduct

  4. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

  5. Whistleblowing Policy

The SPG Code defines the main principles of professional integrity and is an expression of the values that are shared throughout SPG, our various businesses and our affiliates. Referring to it should help anyone acting for SPG to make the correct decisions while carrying out their work.

The SPG Code of Ethics and Integrity has been approved by our Board of Directors It applies to all of our employees, officers and directors and our affiliated companies. All aspects of the Code, which are not specifically related to our employees, must also be adhered to by contractors, consultants, freelancers, joint-venture partners, agents, subcontractors and anyone acting on behalf of, or representing, SPG.