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Executive Board

The Executive Board of Sophia Publishing Group comprises seven executive directors, five non-executive directors, and three independent directors. SPG invited natural scientists, artists, publishers, investors, and professional writers, etc. who are respected in the world to join the Executive Board as a non-executive director or independent directors. The Board considers that independence, inclusiveness, integrity, and compliance is a paramount ethical standards and codes of conduct, to provide freedom publishing services. Executive Board meets regularly throughout the year to determine company’s strategic priorities and issues and to review performance.

Executive Management

SPG is operated by a dynamic group of individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. The Executive Management of SPG has the following members:
● Chief Executive Officer, CEO
● Chief Publishing Officer, CPO
● Chief Financial Officer, CFO
● Chief Compliance Officer, CCO
● Managing Director for Publishing and Communications
● Managing Director for archiving and indexing
● Managing Director for Network and Technical support
● Managing Director for Integrity and Compliance
● Managing Director for Legal and Ethics