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SPG being a publishing service provider, we are devoted to ensuring that the publishing service we provide is always professionally produced. we are also committed to conducting our service with independence, fairness and integrity. In addition, working with our partners and publishers, we are committed to reaching the commonly broader priorities: providing an ideal place to publishing, building harmonious community partnerships, and bringing a sustainable multi-cultural environment.

We put a lot of time and effort into promoting publishing freedom and open access to our books and journals. SPG is committed to meeting the needs of limited information and resources in developing countries. We offer free access to the research community and not-for-profit organization in the resource-constrained regions of the world. We also make available waivers and discounts for publishing for eligible authors.

SPG funded publishing platform by Chinese to help 1.5 billion Chinese speaking people easily to access our publishing platform and to read publications. SPG is an active initiative of Publishing For A Better Life, being devoted to meeting these individuals who are contributed to publishing as life career. We also offer a range of resources to support authors from around the world in getting published. To achieve this, we work closely with Sophia Academy to provide Publishing training and expertise guidance through our tailored training courses.

SPG is working with partners to support global communication of Chinese Publications through innovation, networking and capacity building, focusing on the needs of Chinese speaking countries. SPG’s current initiative focus facilitates share and access to scholarly information and knowledge exchange though partnering with Chinese search engine and indexing.