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BioPublisher is an international open access publishing platform that publishes scientific journals in the field of life science and medicine , created and operated by Sophia Publishing Group (SPG). As a global leading online publishing service provider, SPG brings the freedom of publishing to your own hands to facilitate your research achievements sharing with readers via internet around the world.

All journals published in BioPublisher were assigned an ISSN by ISSN Canada and the contents of the journals were mandatory deposited at Library and Archives Canada. All articles published in the journals at BioPublisher were permanently deposited in independent third-party digital repositories.

BioPublisher is an online open access publishing platform, following the Creative Commons Attribution License. Therefore all publications and articles published in BioPublisher and the 5thPublisher are permitted unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

In Addition, BioPublisher in Chinese is a sister platform that is independent from the English version, dedicating to enable Chinese speaking users around the world to launch the journals in the field of life science and medicine published by Chinese, and to bring the publications into Chinese speaking readers easiy and quickly as well.