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Sophia Publishing Group Inc., (SPG), is an online publishing service provider, bringing global services for academic journals online publishing and scholarly books self-publishing.

SPG owns and operates the online publishing platforms, The 5thPublisher and BioPublisher, that have enabled SPG to serve researchers, scholarly societies, universities and institutions global to bring journals to our world. SPG owns and operates the ezPublisher, a leading book self-publishing platform, providing book publishing services to bring books to your life as well.

Each year, SPG publishes more than hundred scholarly journals and over thousand books across a wide range of subjects and disciplines including Humanities and Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology, Life science and Medicine.

Today, SPG has been a progressive and successful publishing fashion, headquartered in Canada with branches and representatives around the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, SPG brings the freedom of publishing to you.

Publishing creates a better life.


About SPG:

SPG was founded in August 1, 2009, incorporated in British Columbia of Canada.

SPG is a member of the Publisher International Linking Association, PLIA.

BioPublisherTM, The 5thPublisherTM and ezPublisherTM are registered trademarks of Canada owned by Sophia Publishing Group Inc..

SPG  owns and operates the following websites: www.sophiapublisher.com , www.biopublisher.ca , www.biopublisher.cn , www.5thpublisher.com , www.5thpublisher.com.cn

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