IJCCR-2017v7n17 - page 9

International Journal of Clinical Case Reports 2017, Vol.7, No.17, 73-80
monotherapy. We had a good clinical response with decreased size of the left breast nodule with disappearance of
the left limb mass.
Figure 5 Thoracoabdominal CT
Note: (A): Inter-splenogastric intraperitoneal mass of heterogeneous tissue density exerting a mass effect on the spleen; (B): Oval
lesion under left diaphragmatic of heterogeneous tissue density; (C), (D): Left retroperitoneal masses of heterogeneous tissue density:
anterior peri-renal mass pushing back the left kidney and up the ipsilateral renal vascular pedicle without sign of invasion , the other
mass is under-renal of the same characteristic
Figure 6 Location of the masses on clinical examination
After 2 months and during this course of chemotherapy, the patient presented an increase in the size of the right
forearm mass with pain of the right upper limb radiating to the neck; it was put under moscontin® and a CT
control was requested which showed the appearance of other abdominopelvic and parietal lesions (gluteal and
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